Our tube-bending machines offer incredible value for money. A truly affordable solution for almost all applications.

  • Standalone tube-bending machines
  • Machines with loading and/or unloading systems
  • Machines with robot loading ability

A choice of hybrid (hydraulic and electric) or all-electric tube-bending machines. As seen in our standard range below, we can offer machines from 25mm to 150mm capacity, although our extended range features models from 15mm right up to 450mm capacity.

What is a Hybrid machine?

The common misconception is that these machines are fully hydraulic, which is not the case. All of the tube positioning axes (such as bend head [C axis], carriage feed [Y axis] and Rotation [B axis]) are operated via servo motor, giving the same levels of bending precision as can be found on an-electric model. The similarity ends there though, as on a hybrid machine we replace the expensive servo motors used for clamping, collet actuation and mandrel advance, replacing them with much cheaper hydraulic cylinders. These cylinders allow us to generate the same forces, but without the same level of cost. Thus we can offer these hybrid machines at a lower price compared to their all-electric counterparts. The accuracy and repeatability of the parts they produce is on par with the latest electric machinery. These machines are very well suited to working in medium-high volume production environments, where the additional capital expense to go all-electric cannot be justified because the margins are often very small.

Why All-Electric?

All-electric machines are more expensive, but the benefits are significant, the main one being they offer a reduced part cycle time. These machines are therefore highly suited to ultra-high volume production tasks. They are also more energy efficient and so should reduce overall running costs, as there is no hydraulic pump to keep running compared to hydraulic/hybrid machines when the machine is idling. Electric tube benders are much quieter and there’s no requirement for hydraulic oil, meaning a cleaner production environment too!

All new Bi-Directional Machines

We are also pleased to offer to the marketplace our Bi-Directional bending machines. Available in two sizes, 25mm or 50mm. These multi stack machines allow for in-cycle change from left to right hand bending, which facilitates the production of more complex parts.

Utilising all the benefits of an-electric machine, faster production, greener carbon footprint and cheaper to run, these machines are now the flagship models of our range, and sit at the cutting edge of modern technology.

For further details or to make a sales enquiry call 01752 349920 or email sales@appliedtubetech.co.uk – your enquiry is important to us.